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Nag-enjoy ako dito kay Manong, ang tawag sa ginagawa nya ay Rock Formation.
This guy can really "rock"....Hanep!
Parking is not a problem bayad ka lang P10
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Going here took me almost 2 hours. From Makati I took the Marilague route then took a turn at Sampaloc straight ahead to Tanay. It's Sunday so the place was jampacked by people trying to escape the heat of the summer. Upon entering the gate you'll have to pay P10 for the parking. Then at the Falls entrance another P20. No alcohol drinks allowed by the way. But surprisingly you'll see some drunk people inside. Well it's been like what 20 years since the last time I was here. And there's been drastic changes around. The water's not that clear anymore. The catch basin of the falls has somehow gone smaller. It's natural formation of the whole place has changed a lot. I guess time has taken it's toll. Humans grow old and so as nature. 

The best time pumunta dito yung hindi Sunday para konti ang otaw. And sa morning para cold and clearer pa ang tubig. 

Daranak Falls is located in Tanay Rizal. According to the local people here, the word "Daranak" came from the word "Daranak ng Dugo" or "The Coming of the Blood". 

Mga Paglalakbay ni Juan Rider

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by Juan Rider on 04/29/13


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